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QHS Genuine Green Credentials

QHS believe actions speak louder than words, and this is aptly demonstrated by the way QHS has fully embraced Green Technologies and products, such as air source heat pmps which it has the capability to install and maintain, as well as the installation of solar photovoltaic systems.

Several years ago, QHS introduced Hybrid Cars into its fleet with the objective to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. It met its next milestone of this journey early in 2021, when it took delivery of its first electric vehicles and Managers cars, with the genuine ambition to make the step change to an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2023. This underpins our passion to be Carbon Neutral as a company by 2025. In the meantime, we have invested in new fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles emitting only 30g/km of carbon dioxide as an interim measure until the charging infrastructure is consolidated and robust enough to move all Engineers into electric vans.

QHS are also accredited by OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicle) to install E.V. Charging Points and already use advance vehicle telematics to optimise vehicle journeys and fuel efficiency. QHS use a virtual reality video with Artificial Intelligence, which with customers permission, enables remote real-time video boiler diagnostics to optimise visits, maximise first fix, and have customer heating and water systems working as quickly as possible. By using this technology we are able to manage down the number of visits required to provide a quality service, which results in reducing journeys, the amount of fuel used and associated emissions, along with an improved customer experience.

QHS is constantly striving to deliver environmental improvements, for example its Environmental Management System is ISO 14001 accredited for waste management and recycling. View our Environmental Policy.

We are committed to achieving ambitious standards of environmental performance, including the usage of materials and services that are least environmentally damaging.

Our Waste Licence enables us to safely remove and recycle old boilers and pipes, as we service, repair and install central heating appliances and systems. It also extends to include electrical installations/repairs and installation of smart meters.

The company incorporates energy efficient measures into heating system design and promotes the use of energy efficient low/no carbon products. We have developed a Carbon Reduction Strategy with specific targets to help us achieve this objective. In 2021 we established our "Green Team" which meets quarterly that set our internal environmental KPI targets and action plans across all areas of our business to reduce carbon emissions and water waste and to improve recycling and overall sustainability. The Green Team monitors and measures the KPI’s they set and discuss them during their quarterly Green Team meetings. Where we meet the Green Team targets set, we then aim to set stricter benchmarks to achieve during the following period. Where we do not meet targets, we investigate and implement additional measures to ensure we do achieve them in the next quarter. Also we continually consult with external organisations, work in the community and take a leading role wherever possible.


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