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QHS's Vulnerable Adults Policy

Quality Heating Services Limited is committed to:

·         Ensuring that the welfare of adults is paramount at all times

·         Maximising people’s choice, control and inclusion and protecting their human rights

·         Working in partnership with others in order to safeguard vulnerable adults

·         Ensuring safe and effective working practices are in place

·         Supporting staff within the organisation

 The policy sets out the roles and responsibilities of Quality Heating Services Limited in working together with other professionals and agencies in promoting adults’ welfare and safeguarding them from abuse and neglect.

 This policy is intended to support staff working within Quality Heating Services Limited.


 This policy applies to all members of QHS staff.


 A vulnerable adult is defined as:

·         any person aged 18 or over.

·         who is or may need community care services by reason of disability, age or illness.

·         and who is or maybe unable to protect themselves from harm or from being exploited.


·         To act and to identify and prevent abuse from happening.

·         Respond appropriately when abuse has or is suspected to have occurred.

·         Providing support, advice and resources to staff in responding to safeguarding adult issues.

·         Inform staff of any local or national issues relating to safeguarding adults.

·         Ensure staff are aware of their responsibilities to attend training and to support staff in accessing these events.

·         Ensuring staff have access to appropriate consultation and supervision regarding safeguarding adults.

·         Understand how diversity, beliefs, and values of people who use our services may influence the identification, prevention and response to safeguarding concerns.


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