Quality, Honesty & Safety

   Quality Heating Services Ltd

   Company Registration Number: 3014826 

Who Are We?

QHS is a very well established 100% family owned and run business that has been continuously trading for well over 25 years. Some of the Directors and staff have worked at QHS for decades, whilst many others have also been loyal to the company for many years. This inherent developed foundation of staff stability and expertise has enabled QHS to have successful long-term working relationships with numerous clients, leading over the last few decades to many productive partnerships and an enviable track record.

Funnily enough, a minority of all QHS staff work at our Head Office, due to the fact that the vast majority of staff that QHS employ are permanently “on the road” highly trained field operatives, most of whom are experienced qualified gas or electrical engineers.

That said, there is still a friendly, yet sufficiently sizeable and supportive dedicated back office team at QHS’s Head Offices in High Wycombe to ensure both our own field operators and our customers get all the necessary back up, be it call handling, arranging appointments for engineers, procurement, technical support, accounts, marketing support, administration or management. QHS also has a large fleet managed from High Wycombe (which commenced transitioning to being an all-electric fleet in Summer 2021) in order to enable all its field operatives to stay continuously on the road servicing customers’ needs in an environmentally friendly way, which in turn pleases our clients.

Many of QHS’s clients, such as local authorities with large social housing stocks, require access to a QHS member of staff 24/7 so that their residents get the fastest response possible from a QHS engineer.

QHS staff pride themselves on safely and honestly driving the highest possible quality and service delivery standards, as it is entirely thanks to their dedication that QHS is able to consistently fulfil, and often exceed, its obligations to its many valued clients.

One of QHS’s core values is safety, so since the start of the pandemic its staff has developed a real resilience in dealing with the knock-on operational effects of COVID-19 ensuring the safest possible working environment for its staff and customer, working closely in collaboration with its clients to achieve the most efficient and safest way to deliver on site services.


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