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QHS's Green Team

QHS has a comprehensive range of genuine "Green" affiliations and accreditations that are proof of the company’s pro-active on-going commitment to reducing carbon emissions and working towards being zero carbon at the earliest date possible.

QHS is ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accredited, which highlights our commitment to environmentally responsible methods of working and overall sustainability and we work closely with our clients ensure our objectives and actions will assist their own environmental targets.

We operate a ‘Green Team’ where QHS Directors and employees meet on a quarterly basis to discuss environmental issues and ways we can improve. All employees have access to QHS’s Environmental documents, including minutes from Green Team meetings so they can see our planned initiatives. This ensures that staff are fully engaged in environmental issues and understand their role in the process of reducing our company carbon footprint.

We have set our own internal environmental KPI targets/action plans across our business to reduce carbon emissions and water waste and to improve recycling and overall sustainability. We monitor and measure these KPI’s and discuss them in our quarterly Green Team. Where we meet targets, we then aim to set stricter benchmarks to achieve during the following quarter/year. Where we do not meet targets, we investigate and implement additional measures to ensure compliance.


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