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Smart Meter Installations

As accredited installers QHS offer a full range of installations which includes installing dual fuel Smart meters, fitting Trilliant Heads (a smart metering infrastructure component that connects a Home Area Network metering device to Trilliant's UnitySuite™ Head-End software) and Electric mains isolator switches.

The QHS Metering division is a large and diverse team, with extensive experience and a culture of innovation. This allows them to remain abreast of new and upcoming metering technologies, facilitating the needs and requirements of their Clients.

QHS hold a full MOCoP licence, involving annual audits of both the office and field services. Meter Operation Code of Practice (MOCoPA) and Ofgem Approved Meter Installer (OAMI) accreditations acceded to the Retail Energy Code (REC), the new sector regulator, on 1st September 2021 and QHS became a MEM (Meter Equipment Manager), so is qualified, registered and authorised to fit dual fuel smart meters and electric mains isolating switches.

QHS provide meter installations (most of which nowadays are dual fuel Smart meter installations) also purge and relights, medium pressure high rise and re-runs to local authorities, housing associations and major energy businesses, backed by a reputation founded on safety, successful partnerships, good quality work, honesty and high levels of customer satisfaction.

QHS are also Registered Achilles Suppliers of Meter and Associated Services. An Achilles Certification is the most widely recognised and endorsed Meter certification scheme across Britain. The enduring quality of Achilles risk assessment programmes puts it ahead of similar services, and it provides the transparency necessary to help businesses trust the accredited Achilles companies they work with such as QHS. Achilles covers Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality Practices and Procedures.

QHS are a fully accredited company and willing participants of the Home Insulation & Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme (HIES). HIES is a consumer protection organisation covering the installation of renewable energy and home energy efficiency products.

All HIES members like QHS must undergo a rigorous accreditation process before they can join the HIES network of trusted installers. As a result, QHS is subject to annual vetting by HIES inspectors to ensure they are adhering to the HIES scheme rules and code of practice.

metering services

The QHS Metering Division provides contracted services to large UK energy providers. QHS are specialists in the installation, service and repair of dual-fuel meters and energy exchange programmes.

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