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QHS's Environmental Policy

QHS has a comprehensive range of genuine "Green" affiliations and accreditations that are proof of the company’s pro-active on-going commitment to reducing carbon emissions and working towards being zero carbon at the earliest date possible. 

Quality Heating Services is committed to achieving ambitious standards of environmental performance in all its activities by establishing and monitoring its environmental impacts and identifying those that are significant to its operations.

We use materials and services which are least damaging to the environment. We aim to minimise the use of raw materials and to promote the use of recycled materials wherever this is the best practicable environmental option.

The scope of our Environmental Management System is the service, repair and installation of central heating appliances and systems. It also extends to include electrical installations/repairs and installation of smart meters. This covers all activities at the locations where our work is conducted including, the equipment installed, removal of waste and compliance with all environmental legislation.

The company incorporates energy efficient measures into heating system design and promotes the use of energy efficient low/no carbon products. The company will support environmental initiatives proposed by the Government and promoted by the Energy Saving Trust to underpin our ambition to become a zero carbon business by 2025. We have developed a Carbon Reduction Strategy with specific targets to help us achieve this objective. We will continue to consult with external organisations, work in the community and take a leading role wherever possible.

In order to achieve these environmental aims we will:

• Ensure that, as a minimum requirement, we conduct our operations in full compliance with all relevant legislation, regulations and environmental codes of practice applicable to our operations, so as to minimise any impact on the environment

• Protect the environment from our activities, including prevention of pollution and comply with the specific requirements of our customers

• Seek to continually improve our environmental performance and our environmental management system, by setting and reviewing environmental aspects, objectives and targets

• Ensure that all staff are aware of our environmental policy, procedures and targets together with any relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice

• Encourage our contractors and suppliers to manage their environmental impacts more effectively and to support our environmental policy commitments

• Review this Environmental Policy at least annually, or when there are any significant changes either to our operations or to environmental legislation

Our continued environmental objectives include:

• Increasing the use of innovative technologies, such as fleet telematics, electronic processes to improve planning and communications and AI tools to reduce the need to travel

• Reducing emissions from our vehicle fleet and continuing our migration to all-electric vehicles

• Recycling all possible waste from our business activities and maintaining our waste management accreditation

• Using our Carbon Reduction Strategy to endeavour to become a zero carbon business by 2025


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