Quality, Honesty & Safety

QHS's Quality Policy

QHS has produced a Quality Manual containing detailed mandatory systems and procedures to ensure compliance with its ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. This forms the backbone of our Quality Policy, which is:

To maintain our current market position and build upon the strong foundations already laid, we shall:

  • accurately assess the requirements of our clients and customers regarding our provision of products and services and strive to exceed their legitimate expectations wherever possible.

  • use our systems and procedures as a team, in order to always provide quality work and services, delivered on time to the complete satisfaction of our clients and customers, and in strict accordance with all statutory and legislative requirements and best practice.

  • recognise that the company is a single entity, with no single person or department having greater importance than any other; and that everyone contributing to the company’s success, at whatever position they hold, is a valued asset.

  • maintain sufficient levels of profitability to secure our future stability, thereby providing a sustainable service to customers and long-term job security for everyone associated with the company.

  • strive to provide a harmonious balance between work and home life for everyone contributing to the company’s success.

  • seek the continuous development and constant improvement of our services.

  • endeavour to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment.

In order to achieve these objectives, our Quality Policy and all supporting procedures, systems and resources, as set down in our Quality Manual, are regularly reviewed by the senior management team as part of our commitment to the continual improvement of our services.

The Quality Policy also forms the basis of all staff development and annual training reviews.


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