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Energy Services - Installations

In 2016, QHS launched our Energy Services division. This division provides an outsourced engineer resource to large UK utility firms.

QHS Energy Services provides a bespoke installer resource to carry out Heating system replacement and installations.

We work closely with our partners to ensure that contract requirements are understood and met by our installers. Each gas and/or electrical heating contract or smart meter installation contract is managed by a dedicated Operations Director, who liaises directly with the client, maintaining a close working relationship with stakeholders.

Additionally, individual Contract Managers are assigned to each ‘patch’ of installers to oversee the day-to-day execution of works, as per each Client's specification.

QHS pride ourselves on providing an operation that integrates smoothly with the client’s systems. We believe that this can be attributed to our ability to seek a deep understanding of the values and culture of the businesses that we partner with. This in turn allows us to extend the partner brand across our resource and manage the different energy services installers appropriately.


Contact Us

To make an enquiry about the services and partnerships available, please contact:

Jonathan Standing, Operations Manager, Energy Services

Email: jonathan.standing@qhs.co.uk

Tony Moloney, Commercial Director

Email: tony.moloney@qhs.co.uk 


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