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QHS Metering

The QHS Metering Division provides contracted services to large UK energy providers. We are specialists in the installation, service and repair of dual-fuel meters and energy exchange programmes, helping our clients to remove gas from high-rise buildings. This activity has taken place following the Grenfell Tower disaster. 

Currently, we work in London, West Midlands and the North-West of England with the capability to mobilise nationwide as required.

We have maintained several long-term successful partnerships and have previously been responsible for managing the recovery of large-scale gas emergencies. This involves disconnecting and reinstating meters, before bringing gas supply back online.

Our team attend fully managed by an experienced Operations Manager. As an example of this, QHS were a first point of call when a water ingress into a gas main on a Rotherham housing estate, affecting approximately 2,000 properties.  

The QHS Metering division are a large and diverse team, with extensive experience and a culture of innovation. This allows us to remain abreast of new and upcoming metering technologies, facilitating the needs and requirements of our customers.

We hold a full MoCoPa license, involving annual audits of both the office and field services. 

For new business and partnership enquiries, please get in touch with Shaun Bennett, Operations Manager for Energy Services by emailing shaun.bennett@qhs.co.uk.

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To make an enquiry about the services and partnerships available, please contact Shaun Bennett:

Shaun Bennett, Operations Manager, Energy Services

Tel: 01494 795000

Email: shaun.bennett@qhs.co.uk


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