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Gas Safety Week 11-17 September 2023

Here in the UK a gas engineer can only be affiliated to a registered business and be issued with a license to undertake gas work on behalf of a registered business if they hold a valid and current Gas Safe Registration. QHS has over 130 individually qualified and registered Gas Safe Engineers working for the business, as well as itself being fully Gas Safe accredited, hence why it fully supports the aims and objectives of Gas Safety Week.

Gas Safety Week in 2023 is from 11th-17th September 2023, which is the 13th successive year this important safety event has taken place, with the aim of bringing everyone together for the common goal of keeping the nation gas safe.

Why is gas safety important?

Anyone who uses gas in their home needs to be made absolutely aware of the gas risks and how to keep safe. Sadly, badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances and installations can unfortunately cause gas leaks, fires, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning. To keep your household gas supply running safely we recommend you have your gas appliances checked every year by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. If you live in rented accommodation then is something your landlord is responsible for.

Why Landlords are required to ensure annual Gas Safe Inspections are undertaken every 12 months

Problems with blocked ventilation tubes will cause carbon monoxide to build up and if this is released inside of a home it becomes a serious health risk which can lead to fatalities if left undetected. A gas safety check involves a gas safe registered heating engineer (like all those from QHS) assessing the safety of appliances and checking that the system is working as it should. They will check:

  • The safety devices are operating efficiently
  • The appliance is burning at the correct operating pressure
  • Harmful gases are transferring cleanly outside of the home
  • Ventilation passages are not blocked and are in full working order

QHS is a Gas Safe Registered Company

The Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body of gas businesses and engineers in the UK. By law, all gas businesses and their engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register to work legally on gas equipment downstream of the meter, therefore QHS is a Gas Safe Registered business.


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