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Keep Warm This Winter

It can be easy to blame injuries sustained during Wintery months on cold weather, snow or ice, however simply blaming something will not take away the employee’s potential on-going pain, loss of time at work or associated workers’ compensation costs that the accident caused.

This is why one should plan for extreme weather, so do not wait until the ground starts freezing over or snow starts falling to review your company’s cold weather safety plans, nor to remind employees of winter weather hazards, taking the time and care to check that the tools and equipment needed are procured, in stock and available for use.

It is very important each company recognises potential winter hazards on site or in and around the workplace environment and plans accordingly.

For example wear Hi Viz clothing over warm outer garments so as to be more visible to others, be aware of who is around you when using your phone or  headphones, plus wear footwear with good tread for grip and keep them clear from mud and other debris.


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