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OFTEC – QHS proud to be in the “firing” line

OFTEC stands for the Oil Firing Technical Association. OFTEC designates and recognises installers who are approved to install and maintain solid fuel, oil and renewable energy heating equipment. OFTEC was established back in 1991 as a trade association with the objective of improving heating industry standards throughout the UK and Ireland.

QHS along with OFTEC aims to promote the highest professional and technical standards for technicians and businesses working in the industry and, by doing so, support the needs of heating users.

OFTEC achieves this through working with the industry, international standards organisations, training providers and certification bodies and operating UKAS accredited registration schemes for heating businesses.

QHS’s OFTEC Company Number is 10494 and we are OFTEC registered and accredited for solid fuel, oil and renewable energy heating:

•       Installation of a heating or cooking appliance and/or heating and hot water systems (e.g. boiler, range cooker, room heating stove)

•       Installation of an oil tank and oil supply

•       Service and Commission of Pressure Jet Appliances (e.g. boilers and some range cookers)

Employing an OFTEC registered technician is the best guarantee possible that work on a heating system will be performed to a high level of competence and just as importantly ensure the work complies with relevant Building Regulations and manufacturers' installation requirements. Ongoing inspections and training means that nothing is left to chance and helps ensure all OFTEC registered businesses like QHS carry out work to a high standard and meet all regional building regulations and engage in industry best practice.

OFTEC work closely with it’s members along with a wide range of agencies to set and review appropriate standards for oil heating equipment manufacture, installation and servicing.

OFTEC have close working relationships with other industry groups such as the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA), Energy Utilities Alliance (EUA) and Heating and Hotwater Council (HHIC). OFTEC also work closely with Government departments and other industry bodies, such as the Environment Agency, Defra, BSI, HSE, BEIS and MHCLG.

OFTEC is committed to working towards Zero Carbon while still representing the needs of it’s members and enabling the industry to flourish in the low carbon future. OFTEC shows this commitment to UK Consumers and the UK Government by:

  • Sharing information and promoting the benefits of liquid fuel heating
  • Representing OFTEC members at meetings with government advisors, officials and civil servants
  • Leading projects to develop low carbon liquid biofuels to replace kerosene
  • Participating in formal industry stakeholder groups
  • Coordinating responses to government consultations on behalf of members
  • Undertaking lobbying to influence policy development and wider political thinking
  • Commissioning research to support the future of the liquid fuel industry and influence heat policy
  • Collaborating with other sectors of industry, such as fuel distribution, to ensure the needs of the sector are understood and supported

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